Friday, November 27, 2009

Muffy Bolding

Withered Debutante Muffy Bolding learned to knit on my great big sofa and says...

"At the beginning of Summer 2009, CJ Arabia sat me down cross-legged on her couch in Los Angeles, turned on Nancy Grace, thoughtfully handed me two refreshing, ice cold bottles of water -- one to drink, and one to rest against my sweltering cooter -- and taught my fatass how to knit. Not only have I never looked back, I am now completely obsessed -- thanks in no small part to her endless enthusiasm and encouragement. It is absolutely an understatement to say that she has changed my life. She's like a thoroughly hot, hip, modern knitter...except with your grandmother's infinite patience, huge hooters, foul mouth, and questionable moral fiber -- though that might be just MY grandmother, so of that I shall speak no more. As a writer, artist, crafter, DIY proponent, and animal activist, CJ is fearless, generous, enthusiastic, and insanely talented -- and as a knitter and knitting teacher, she is exactly the same. She believes in you and the power of your needles LONG before you do. I imagine that someday -- if they are fucking lucky -- tens of thousands of people will have learned to knit from CJ Arabia...and it will be a great badge of honor to be able to make that claim. ALL HAIL CJ ARABIA AND THE VULGARIAN YARN MAFIA!"

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