Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crisann Morgan

Crisann Morgan Director of Development for the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival says: "CJ is the raddest of the rad knitting instructors. First she'll sit you down, cover you body with cool, silky drapey things so that you can knit comfortably in the sweltering Los Angeles summer and then she'll gently teach you how to cast on.

"Perfect!" she'll encourage, while your fingers struggle with the needles - making you forget that you look like a toddler with chopsticks and suddenly you have a row of cast on stiTches! Boom.

Then, strict task mistress that she is, she'll make you redo it a kermillion times until you've got in in your bones. Then on to the real deal. You'll actually knit! This will all happen in no time and then she's serving you something delicious to eat and saying something that makes you belly laugh...

Then she'll send you on your way with admonitions and encouragements and inspirations to go off and spend a few glorious Autumnal months with her hunky man and then when you see her again it will be like no time has passed, except you'll have finished your first scarf and she'll teach you how to sew it all together and look fabulous.

C.J., girl - you need to open up a school for the Yarny arts. I heart CJ."

Friday, November 27, 2009

Katherine Bauer-Zickel

Muffy Bolding

Withered Debutante Muffy Bolding learned to knit on my great big sofa and says...

"At the beginning of Summer 2009, CJ Arabia sat me down cross-legged on her couch in Los Angeles, turned on Nancy Grace, thoughtfully handed me two refreshing, ice cold bottles of water -- one to drink, and one to rest against my sweltering cooter -- and taught my fatass how to knit. Not only have I never looked back, I am now completely obsessed -- thanks in no small part to her endless enthusiasm and encouragement. It is absolutely an understatement to say that she has changed my life. She's like a thoroughly hot, hip, modern knitter...except with your grandmother's infinite patience, huge hooters, foul mouth, and questionable moral fiber -- though that might be just MY grandmother, so of that I shall speak no more. As a writer, artist, crafter, DIY proponent, and animal activist, CJ is fearless, generous, enthusiastic, and insanely talented -- and as a knitter and knitting teacher, she is exactly the same. She believes in you and the power of your needles LONG before you do. I imagine that someday -- if they are fucking lucky -- tens of thousands of people will have learned to knit from CJ Arabia...and it will be a great badge of honor to be able to make that claim. ALL HAIL CJ ARABIA AND THE VULGARIAN YARN MAFIA!"

Hannah Bos

Hannah Bos of says "CJ is a fabulous knitting coach. Not only is she hilarious and sweet but she is really thorough and knows her stuff! I feel much more confident in my knitting skills after just one afternoon with her."

Frances Chewning

Frances Chewning of says, "I tried to teach myself to knit years ago and gave up, thinking that I just didn't have the coordination knitting required. Then I met CJ. She helped me pick out needles and yarn and, to my surprise, managed to teach me quite easily. I am almost done with my first scarf, and (most importantly) I love to knit! She's funny, she makes it easy, and she's got great taste. The perfect teacher!"

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jeff Maksym

"Before CJ showed me the ropes, I knew absolutely nothing about knitting. Now, I'm nearly halfway through with my first project, a beautiful, two-color scarf! Thanks to CJ, I now have the confidence to tackle the most ambitious knitting challenges! CJ's mastery of the craft and laid-back demeanor helped make what could have been an intimidating feat into a joyous adventure! Thanks CJ!"

"Finished my scarf. I can wrap it around twice!"

- Jeff Maksym

Mather Zickel


Actor, writer and boyfriend Mather Zickel learned to knit while watching the Giants game... it's THAT easy. "CJ is a harsh taskmistress," says Mather Zickel "be sure to drink heavily."